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ESMA  Modelling Academy

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Our aim is to provide the highest standards of learning to enable aspiring models to become successful in the modelling world in Australia and overseas. 

Our Modelling Programs:

1. Fashion - Perfecting the Art of Dressing

2. It's All About You - Happy & Confident

3. Style - The Anatomy of

4. Effortless Chic Style

5. The Lioness Program

6. Modelling Techniques & Advice

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As part of your development in becoming a model, the ESMA Modelling Academy will prepare you for your first photo-shoot to start off your modelling portfolio. Our team will provide the services (makeup artist, photographer, studio/location, model assistant etc) to get ready for an awesome photo-shoot.


Rosie Talintyre 

I cannot speak more highly of these workshops directed by the honestly stunning Joanne Nicolas. With gentle yet clear cut, "tell it how it is" advice, Joanne has expressed, through her own honest experiences along her prestigious career I so admire, guidance and extensive knowledge that could only be gained through years in the industry. These workshops have given me the confidence and a sense of sophistication among people that may be more familiar with modelling as their sole career. Not only do I walk away with a vault of insider knowledge I leave feeling inspired creatively driven and ready to conquer the (as Joanne says) hard Yakka to get to my ultimate career goal These workshops are such a special opportunity for aspiring models of all ages, shapes and ethnicity to be nurtured yet pushed to excel beyond words and I cannot be more thankful of what I will take with me for the remainder of my career.”


Isabella Valentini

'I have gained lots of valuable information from Joanne’s modelling workshops. I entered the modelling industry with very minimal experience so I was extremely lucky to have such an experienced and passionate model like Joanne to help me through it. Joanne is very knowledgeable, providing thorough advice on areas such as: photo-shoot and catwalk techniques, approaching different modelling genres; living a healthy lifestyle/ looking after yourself; building a successful portfolio, approaching clients and agents; etiquette and presentation and many more.  I now feel much more confident and capable as model and would highly recommend Joanne’s workshops for anyone starting out as a model'


Dana Segal

Joanne provided valuable insight into the world of modelling. She comprehensively covered a range of topics as well as teaching valuable practical skills. She managed to spend one on one time with everyone and really took the time to get to know us all. I feel that I have improved tenfold thanks to Joanne.



Louise Timpson

The training is world class. Joanne is incredibly generous in her transparency and honesty and the level of detail in everything she is teaching and sharing with us from her years spent shedding her own blood, sweat, and tears in the industry to become a top model. I am incredibly humbled and inspired by everything Joanne does for us and her incredible integrity. She is a true inspiration in everything she stands for. I am acutely aware of how unique and priceless this opportunity is that you have tirelessly orchestrated for us and continue to pour into for us on a daily basis.


Jessica Grace

 "Attending the modeling workshops with Joanne Nicolas has given me access to unprecedented insight and expertise on how to be successful in establishing a career as a top model. I am so grateful for the professional and empowering training I have received and know that the encouragement, practical tools and confidence inspired by the workshops with Joanne Nicolas has set me up to excel in my modelling aspirations."

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